Quick diaper changing unit


Hello to all diaper-changers!

Yes, I have a sewing machine. No, I can’t repare your (insert clothing of choice). Do any of you relate to this?

Alas, this husband of mine who loves me dearly and gives me sewing time every day pointed out that maybe in our own household one or two repair jobs might not be too much to ask. Da..it, he’s right.

We inherited our diaper changing station from my sister including the wadding on which my own dear nephew already spent many hours and do you know it, the cover finally gave up. Found some pretty laminated fabric…

… bought batting and constructed a new one. Like from scratch. I know, there are only 7 seams in it. But boy am I proud. Why? Because I wrestled laminated fabric though my Scarlett*. And I made this without a pattern although my brain went bsssss halfway due to lack of sleep. And I glued the seamallowances down instead of a secureseam.

I also learned something. Test the glue before you use it. Ok, I knew this. But honestly, does anyone really do this? Well, you should. Here is why:


Nevermind. It will do its job. My daughter loves the deer. And for the next baby in this family I will sew a new one. Now I know how this goes.

So keep on changing those diapers**.

Yours sincerely,
Molly Grue

*I am not the only one who gave her sewing machine a name, right. Right?
**Until potty training that is.

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