Why I like WIPs 

Hello all WIP-collectors out there!

So I did it. I rummaged, counted and sorted. And made a list. Here you go.


So what’s your number? Mine is 49. Now some of you might cry out in despair. Some of you might shuffle to the back of the room, trying to hide. But some of you might just nod and smile.

You see,  I like things organized and labeled. Maybe it’s the engineer part of me. That wants things tidy and with numbered parts. My life however at the moment isn’t.

That’s fine. I have toddler. And love, love, love spending time with her. Just with working nearly fulltime and yes, spending family time, that doesn’t leave a lot of time for sewing and creating.

And that is where WIPs are your relief. I have heaps ready for chain piecing if I find the time. I have fabric ready to be cut if I can bring out the iron. I have mugrugs and darning if I need a quick finish. And I am happy to be part of Stash Bee. So I get to play with a fresh challenge every month.

I am probably not going to start a big project this year. But I don’t need to. I have plenty. Thanks to my WIP. And that is why I smile when I see my list. To me they are not unfinished objects, neglected or lost. To me they are heaps of chances to play.

So embrace your WIPs.

Yours sincerely,
Molly Grue

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