Stars for Alanna – Stash-Bee Hive 3 January

Hello to all star-creators out there!

So, Stash Bee. First task: pink and purple star or purple and pink star. Here you can read about Alannas (@blanketfort.quilts) design process.

Awsome! I mean, who doesn’t love a good pink, right? Right. Purple on the other hand…

Here is my first fabric pull.

It’s pink. With pink and a little pink thrown in for good measure. But, and nobody was more surprised than me, it worked out all right. For the first time I understood the value (pun intended) of light and dark fabrics in the same colourframe. Such a great lesson in fabric choosing.

And, Alanna, for you I cut into my “never to be used” Mendocino fondling fabric. Didn’t hurt a bit.

Good and done. But a little voice in my head kept constantly telling me: You DO have purple. As I already mentioned here, I don’t exactly have a stash. But I do have designated fabric already put in boxes for certain projects/WIPs. And so after a lot of rummaging – the purple star.

Now lesson number two: fabric looks different depending on it’s neighbours. You know that. I knew that. But I never have experienced it before. The center fabric is on the pink side now. Though it really looked purple when I pulled the fabric. See here:

And last but not least a lesson in humility. Because this star, right, simple nine patch. Not even points to aline. Easy peasy. Yeah. Not when you sew after a long day at work and get cocky. Then you might get this.

Alltogether Alannas task has been like a really good ouverture: sampling a little bit of all there is to come and enjoyable fun all the way. Thank you, Alanna.

Now I am really curious what Lee (@zanytaylor) has chosen. I am ready. Bring it on, Lee!

Keep on aligning those stars!

Yours sincerely,

Molly Grue