Yah! Stash Bee.

Stash Bee

Hello to all Stash-using sewists out there!

I am whooping! Why? I made it into StasBee. For the last three years I followed that blog. Always in awe of the variety of fabric in use. Amazed at the lovely ideas for block designs. And a little bit envious of those truly scrappy finished quilts. Fully aware that I would not be able yet to make such a colourful mixed-fabric quilt. Why might you ask. Because, guilty secret and confession: I don’t have a stash.

Now fellow Bee-members, please don’t despair. I will be able to make your blocks. And will make them as pretty and accurate as I can. I don’t have a stash. But I do have fabric.

I have backing fabric, selfmade precuts in various sizes, fabric already dedicated to certain projects and a little box of petting fabric*. That should be sufficient. Any colours I really, really after rummaging and looking and searching still don’t have, I am perfectly willing to buy.** Which I totally can without guilty conscience. Because, you see, I don’t have a stash šŸ™‚

So keep on completing your stash.
Yours sincerely, Molly Grue


*fabric that you keep taking out and looking at but was never intended for using

**My husband is certain I won’t have to. In fact there might be a little bet ongoing.

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