Foxy Baby Quilt

Hello to all fabric lovers!

To celebrate 25K followers on Instagram Windham Fabrics are throwing a party and giveaway. You take part by showing Windham-fabric in your life.
***update: Giveaway closed***

There where a couple of weeks I really, really wished I had the Mendocino bundle already in my life and not, as it were, stuck in customs. My daughter was due and I had planned to make her a mermaid-whale-quilt.

Time passed and I got afraid I wouldn’t make it. So I changed plans and made her a fox quilt. Using mostly #janetclare and #katieandbirdie. The design process* took surprisingly long.

But, first stroke of luck, just before sewing it up my Mendocino arrived. So I managed to sneak in a couple of mermaids. They are happily swimminging in the woods now 🙂

I was absolutely not sure that I would manage to finish the quilt as I wanted to custom quilt it. It’s not very big, but most of the designs I had never tried before. Our daughter however ran late and thus the quilt got finished in time. Just under the Wire. Teamwork that is!

Regarding that I haven’t sewn for eight months after her birth and the fact that this quilt is in use day and night that really was a piece of luck!

So here it is sans baby.

Keep on loving and using your fabric.
And post your pictures on Instagram to enter the Windham giveaway.

Yours sincerely,
Molly Grue

*fancy word for rearranging on my bedroom floor until me AND my husband like it

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