Who is Molly Grue?

So you are here. At my little bloggie.  Where I learn and create. Where I share, tick off and archive my sewing projects. Big and small.
But mostly where I meet you. It’s till a WIP. As is life. Please make yourself comfortable and have a look around!

Pleased to meet you. I am Gabriele. Born and raised in Eastern and living in southern Germany. By day I am an Engineer and Mom. By night I quilt.

Sewing is my passion and it keeps me grounded. It’s hard to explain to non-quilters the joy of cutting fabric into small pieces and sewing back into big ones. Or the flow of quilting. Here I try to collect helpful tips and inspiration.

Online I go by the name of Molly Grue. Because she is so passionate and warmhearted. To me gifting a quilt is saying: I like you, you are wonderful, here is a year worth of cuddles. So that suits me fine. What is your inspiration to quilt?

More pictures you will find on Instagram under @unicorninc_mollygrue

You won’t find me on Facebook. But please drop me an E-Mail to fridolinfrosch at web.de

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